Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Post!

So, I decided to start a blog.  Several years ago, I had a blog on Xanga.  Oh, good ol' Xanga.  It wasn't about anything important, really - I just blabbed about life.  It's still up and every once in a while, I'll log in to laugh at my twentysomething-year-old self.  Oh, I was funny, and oh, how things have changed!

This new blog?  I have plans for it to be a crocheting/craft blog, but we'll see what happens.  There are, of course, TONS of craft blogs out there, but I'm sure cyberspace can handle just one more.  And while crocheting and crafts may be the focus, some silly stories on life will likely end up posted, too. 

With all that said, and all my grandiose plans to start a craft blog, I'm sorry to say that I don't have anything new to share.  I haven't actually crafted in weeks!  I've got a few ideas spinning in my head and will probably start something soon, but in the meantime, I will have to leave you with:

Yes, I am leaving you with a zebra.  Why?  Because a craft blog should have pictures and because it's cute.  I made it a few years ago after my oldest daughter saw it in a book and begged me to make it.  She named it Zebu.  My kids still play with it and so far it's held up quite nicely.

So, I hope you'll come back again.  Posts about yarn, crochet, crafts, and life are still to come!  Any questions?  Just ask.

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  1. yay! welcome back to the land of blogging. funny how we've now grown up and turned our blogs into craft blogs....