Friday, May 20, 2011

New Dresses?

My new denim rug is coming along nicely.  I am about halfway through it and I definitely like the rectangular rug better than the oval.  Again, what am I going to do with the oval rug???

Anyway, summer's coming (yay!), and my girls and I are needing some new summer dresses. I found this blog with instructions for a little girl's dress made out of a men's dress shirt.  I started making this at the end of summer last year and never finished.  But, it's on my to-do list!  (If you visit that link, check out the "tutorials" tab.  Tons of ideas for re-purposing old clothing!  Love it!)

I also started a dress using instructions from this video:
This is another project I started last summer and (again) never finished.  I don't sew very well, so mine probably won't be as nice...I just like to pretend that I know how to sew!  Hopefully, I'll get around to finishing this one...and if it doesn't turn out nice enough to wear in public, I'll at least have a new dress for sitting around the house.  :P

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  1. I saw a dress similar to this in a super trendy store here in Saskatoon and they were asking $50 for it! I thought I could make it myself for $5.
    Happy Sewing!