Monday, January 23, 2012

...and I'm back...kind of...maybe...

*dusts off the blog*

So, I guess my attempt at keeping up a regular blog isn't going so well...oops.  Well, I suppose I will just have to keep trying.

Oh la la, what have I made since my last post in June?  Lots - and if you are friends with me on Facebook, you would have seen it all because I take pictures of all my projects!  Maybe I'll blog about some of them another time (sooner, rather than later, hopefully!).  But today's topic?  Infinity scarves!

Yes, I have fallen in love with one pattern in particular:

Apparently, the blogger came up wtih the pattern after seeing a scarf at Forever 21.  I changed it slightly by doing a quad stitch instead of a treble stitch and by using an N (9 mm) hook.  The scarves that I have been making are about 5 feet long before I  stitch the ends together  and can wrap around three times.  Last week, in our wonderful -40C weather, I wore mine wrapped three times and it completely saved me!

Here are some pics:

fun stitches


wrapped twice

wrapped three times

black and purple - a couple that I made for some friends

...and a new one for me.  This one was made with 3 skeins of Vanna's Choice yarn in Taupe Mist.  That Vanna White - who would have thought she would have her own brand of yarn?  Lucky duck.
P.S. This one is my new favourite scarf.

And there you have it folks - my first post in many, many months!  Now hopefully, it won't take quite as long to post again! 

(Thanks to my friend, Quyen, at for making me write a post tonight!)


  1. Omg, these look like the coziest things in existence. If I were still forging my way through Chicago winters, I'm pretty sure seeing these photos would've inspired me to make a super-cushy version like yours. I might yet try your variation also.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, they are super cozy! I love them! Thanks for the original pattern!

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  3. Beautiful close-ups of your infinity scarves! Keep adding to your blog. Love your stuff! My latest one is ready to go... it's patiently waiting in my computer. My bf has to clear a comp virus from his comp, before he can put up my next blog... but it is written!!! He is working on building the site more so that I can finally upload things myself. Soon.... :D Quyen

    1. Yeah, I'm thinking of another cowl post... I love the pics on your blog!